Senior Web Front-end Engineer - Beijing 1 person
Job Title:
Senior Web Front-end Engineer
Beijing Platform R&D Center
Full Time
Recruiting numbers:
1 person
Working place:
Beijing, Chaoyang district
Job Category:
1.Complete Web page function development tasks

2.Develop common front-end basic components to unify the interactive experience.

3.Improve the unified front-end development framework and optimize the front-end development testing and release process.
1.Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related discipline, 5+ years of relevant experience.

2.Proficient in one or more front-end frameworks, including jQuery, bootstrap, Angular, Backbone, etc. ;

3.Able to use one or more front-end debugging tools;

4.Familiar with front-end cache, CDN technology and front-end optimization technology.

5.Familiar with the mainstream interface layout and flexible application.

6.Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills, a passion for high quality UX and attention to detail.
Position requirements
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